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About this Course

Class Replay: College Affordability

Replay Cost: $10.00

Audience: Our classes are geared towards parents and guardians of high school students. However, we welcome any students, school counselors and independent counselors to join our classes as well.

Here’s what you will learn by attending the class:

  • Why it’s important to have the conversation early with your son or daughter about college affordability and your family’s budget.
  • How affordability impacts a student’s college list.
  • EFC calculators and net price calculators.
  • An understanding of need-based aid vs. merit-based aid.
  • Colleges that meet 100% of demonstrated need.
  • What gaping means when it comes to financial aid award letters.
  • Scholarship information.
  • Online resources where you can gather data to better understand  the generosity of a college.