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About this Course

Class Replay: Everything You Need to Know About Testing  

Cost: $10.00

Audience: Our classes are geared towards parents and guardians of high school students. However, we welcome any students, school counselors and independent counselors to join our classes as well.

Here’s what you’ll learn by attending this class:

  • Practice Tests: The variety of practice test options available before taking official testing such as the PSAT’s, ACT Aspire, and more, and why take them.
  • ACT vs. SAT: What are the differences between the ACT and SAT and which test should a student take?
  • AP, IB, and SAT Subject Test Exams: What are AP and IB exams and SAT Subject Tests and how are they used in the college application process?
  • Test Optional/Test Flexible Options: What does test optional and test flexible mean and how to find out what colleges offer these options?
  • How to find out the testing requirements for individual colleges.
  • How testing is used in making college admissions decisions.
  • Test prep options and which one is right for your student.