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About this Course

Webinar Replay: Gap Year Q&A

A growing number of students are considering a gap year experience after graduating from high school rather than going right off to college. Join Marion Taylor, owner and founder of Taylor The Gap, LLC,, to get your questions answered and learn all about gap experiences.

 Cost: Free

Audience: Our webinars are geared towards parents and guardians of high school students. However, we welcome any students, school counselors and independent counselors to join our webinars as well.

Here’s what you’ll learn by attending this free webinar: 

  • Why is a gap year beneficial? What are the downsides? What are the various myths?
  • Why do students take gap years?
  • What do colleges think about students doing gap semesters or year? Do they accept deferments?
  • What tend to be the most popular types of gap year experiences and why?
  • The range of organized programs up through more independently designed programs. What is the cost of the various programs from earning a stipend up through a 7-9 month program?
  • How to find and learn about gap experiences.